Friends of Chernobyl’s Children

North & West Cumbria

Registered Charity No. 1066305/0


Fund Raising

Having a child in your home for a month, by allowing them to breathe clean air, eating fresh wholesome food and enjoying sharing your family’s life, will give the people of Belarus hope. Mogilev, the city where many of our children live is heavily industrialised, extremely polluted and contaminated. They need our help.

You can help provide these children with an escape from this sad and depressing environment and enable them to benefit from a stay with us in the United Kingdom.

None of our team or hosts are paid so why not offer your home to a needy child for a month each year?

As a small independent charity we guarantee that all funds are used for the stated purposes. Volunteers all give freely their time and talents.

In order to continue our work we desperately need to raise money. The air fares for the children are rising each year and it costs hundreds of pounds to bring each child to the UK.

As well as the cost of the air fares, we also have to provide transport to and from Manchester airport, local transport to take the children on days out. We also provide essential footwear and other things for each child.

So why not get involved in fund raising for us?

 How you can help…

There are many ways in which you can help us. Why not become a host and look after a child for a month each year?

Alternatively you can help us with fund raising!

Or why not join our committee and help organise the visits?

Below are some more details on each…

If you would like to get directly involved with helping our charity, please use the form or other methods for getting in touch with us on the Contact Us page.

Should you wish to provide financial support, please visit our BT MyDonate fundraising page, where you will be able to donate directly to us - Don’t forget to Gift Aid your donations!

Please note that all our volunteers and hosts are vetted using the Governments Disclosure and Barring Service in order to ensure that are children remain safe.

How to Get Involved